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RGB LED Matrix Board ("The LiteBrite")

A little over a year ago, back when I was still in New York, I decided to build an Alexa-enabled low-resolution RGB LED display. What I thought would be a quick project wound up taking a couple of months from start to finish, and even then the final product was not at all what I had been hoping to create. But I learned a lot along the way!

Below are photos I took during the process. I also published the final code (for that board, anyway) to a GitHub repository I created for NodeMCU+Arduino sketches.

Part 1: Soldering leads to each WS2812 module

Part 2: Testing substrings

Part 3: Finishing all of the substrings

Part 4: Mounting the light strings to foamboard

Part 5: Permanently wiring to NodeMCU and creating a housing