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What's inside of a sub-$20 Windows tablet?

This entire package for $5.09!

Almost a year ago, during the craziest shopping day of the year-- otherwise known as Black Friday-- I spotted a sale on a tablet that I simply couldn't ignore. The premise of a Windows-powered tablet costing less than that of a beer in New York City sounded almost too good to be true. And, in many ways, it was. But in one crucial manner it defied all expectations: it was real.

My fiver and some change bought me a 7" tablet powered by Windows 8 running on a dual-core Intel Atom CPU paired with 1 gigabyte of RAM. Most modern smartphones have better specs than that, which can probably guide you to correctly guess just where the problems with this little machine began. Instability once upgraded to Windows 10 and an inability to push a display and charge at the same time rendered the whole package almost unusable... but at least they included a case and tiny bluetooth keyboard with it, right?

The tablet finally bit the dust when I somehow managed to delete the touchscreen driver. After a fruitless search for it online, I eventually resigned the Double Power "DoPo" tablet to the junk pile. But then I had an idea: why not take it apart? Maybe I would find something useful inside...

The only thing exciting on the inside was the liberal use of tape.

Even the main circuit board was pretty ho-hum. Sadly, the rest of the electronics did not survive the disassembly process, so I recycled them all. These are the last memories I have of that troubled little tablet. Rest in pieces.