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Weather Widget (NodeMCU + AMOLED)

The mostly-finished widget, running off battery power.
When I discovered all that an ESP8266 chip can do, I ordered myself a few of the NodeMCU v1.0 development boards to use as my go-to board for just about any project. Thanks to its compatibility with the Arduino IDE, my minimal successes using Lua-- the language its creators intended to be used on it-- needn't stand in my way. (Abandoning Lua eventually turned out to be a good thing for my project.)

However I haven't had a need to work on that project ever since I moved into my new, modern, and considerably more efficient apartment. No longer needing to control the conditions inside of my apartment, I changed my focus to something I can never change: the weather conditions outside.

The first version was much less presentable.

Armed with a couple of small AMOLED panels, I found a few helpful online tutorials and put together a small widget displaying the current time, weather, and predicted weather. However this is just a start, and I'm hoping to soon build another widget to display some other sort of information. I'll update this project when I find the time to do that.