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RTL8188EU Compiled Driver for BeagleBone Black

About a month ago I picked up a BeagleBone Black to use with my own projects. Shortly thereafter I snagged a free-after-rebate USB WiFi adapter from TigerDirect to use with it. I wasn't entirely sure whether or not I'd actually be able to use it with the BBB, but figured it was worth a shot given the price. What was the card in question? The diminutive TP-Link TL-WN723N.

Various guides on the internet exist that guide one through the process of installing the requisite kernel headers and missing system components in order to compile the driver for one's self. But what if you don't want to mess around with that? What if you're running the latest stock image of Debian on a BBB and simply want to install a precompiled driver and get going? That's what I've got to share with you here.

Because I found myself constantly making a mess of the base linux system, I decided to make a copy of my compiled driver so that I wouldn't have to recompile it every time I reflashed the eMMC. I figure it's probably useful for other people, too, so here it is. All instructions can be found on the GitHub page: