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Got a Digispark

A few weeks ago, while putting in an order for a few sensors, my eyes came across the famous-from-Kickstarter Digispark. For those who haven't heard of it before, the Digispark is an Arduino-compatible microcontroller board that is designed to be plugged directly into a computer's USB port- no cables necessary.

Why did I get it? I'm not sure I have a good answer for that. It might have been my desire to educate my less-techy colleagues about the unique attributes of an Arduino compared to something more powerful (like a BeagleBone Black). Or maybe I got it because I liked its diminutive size and the resulting ease with which it could be built into a piece of programmable art.

My impressions of the board so far are rather mixed. While its design is undoubtedly clever, the lack of built-in serial debugging over USB is a bit of a downer. Having to use a separate, repackaged version of the Arduino IDE that has been modified to interface with the Digispark's bootloader is, quite frankly, annoying as well.

That being said, for all intensive purposes this little microcontroller should do its job quite well. For the few bucks I paid, it ought to be right at home built into an art project or serving as a learning tool for my friends.