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AMOLED Clock, Take 2

Nokia Sleeping Clock in action.
A little less than three years ago I had a Nokia C7 lying around doing nothing. That bothered me, so I repurposed it into something of a desk clock. The end result was actually quite nice and functionally I couldn't really have asked for anything better. Because of the unique illumination properties of AMOLED displays, the subtle illumination was just enough to keep from stubbing my toes when shuffling about at night but bright enough to read during the day.

When I became a Nokia Lumia convert I sold the C7. Symbian was dead, Windows Phone was its replacement. Even the really spiffy PureView 808 couldn't convince me otherwise. But what happens when I stumble across a dirt-cheap N8 on eBay in need of some repair? (Sound familiar?) I decided to pull the trigger, knowing that I could use it as a clock / MP3 player / GPS even if I wasn't able to repair its busted SIM slot. When it arrived, it turns out that wasn't the only part that needed repair.

Swollen Lithium-Ion Battery.
That's the battery that was installed in the N8 when I received it. It doesn't take a tech whiz to notice that it shouldn't be bulging like that. In fact, it's a wonder that it didn't explode at some point in the mail. Such was the swelling that the back plate of the phone was flexing outwards and the battery was thoroughly stuck, requiring a full disassembly in order to remove it.

Messy desk.
While it was busy trying to install a new battery I took a good look at the SIM slot and decided that, given the tools I have handy, it's extremely impractical for me to repair. I might give it a go with some of my father's precision tools this holiday, but realistically there's no hope for this to ever fully function again.

But that's okay! Because it's now a clock.