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It's A Good Day

When I peeked in the mailbox this afternoon, I very excitedly noticed a square brown envelope with my name on it. You see, I'd just opened an account with Simple, and had been waiting feverishly for my starter packet (containing my debit card) to arrive at my door.

With the card removed (for obvious security reasons), the part of the welcome packet that I was most intrigued by now becomes apparent. That blue rubber band, held in place by little indents cut into the particle-board, was how my visa was affixed to the "documentation." I've no idea exactly how the writing was put onto the board- could be laser-etched, for all that I can tell- but it's not exactly what you might expect to receive from a traditional bank.

However the real star of the show here is what happens when one detaches the bottom, credit-card sized rectangle along the perforated line. Once this is done it becomes blatantly obvious that one is now holding a playful, if extremely basic, wallet. Just in case this wasn't obvious, Simple took the liberty of labeling each side's purpose.

At this point I threw away the useless upper portion of the board and loaded up this new wallet with all of my cards. My own wallet had become increasingly beat up and the magnetic money clip usually just resulted in nothing more than a few millimeters' lean in my posture when sitting. (I sit on my wallet.) The trim size and featherweight mass of the board-wallet, once fully loaded, do not go without appreciation. I doubt that this new card-carrying arrangement will endure, but it'll be a fun change of pace in the meantime.