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Follow-Up to the Franken-Pod

Remember how I hacked together a working iPod from a bit of cardboard and a faulty 6th-generation iPod Nano? Well, not satisfied with simply leaving everything as-is, I continued to work at cleaning the motherboard. As I had already verified that the fault relating to the LED backlight lay somewhere on it, I knew it was only a matter of time before I finally restored functionality to the lighting system. My desk, during this process, was quite a mess:

My work appeared, at least initially, to be in vain. That was until I noticed a bit of gunk splayed across a few components, which I suspected to be the power supply for the lighting system. With a the help of a pin and an everclear rinse, I managed to remove whatever offending material it happened to be, and then reconnected the display for a test....

Eureka! The LED backlighting was alive and well again! At this point I'd realized my folly of ordering a new display unit, since it obviously wasn't necessary in the first place, but given that I'd ruined the old one in the process of making the frankenstine iPod... it was put to use after all. I'm still in the process of allowing the new display glue to set, but once it's done, I'll be sure to share a photo of the final product. Till then, this iPod eagerly awaits its new life in my possession.