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Random Access Memories

  • An evening walk along the beach in Barcelona.
  • Sitting atop a medieval wall overlooking the Neckar river on a warm night.
  • Relaxing in a castle courtyard with a book in the middle of Winter.
  • Holding on for dear life during a rickshaw ride in Bombay.
  • The taste of fresh apple strudel for breakfast on a patio overlooking coffee fields.
  • Riding a longboard to get pizza at midnight in October.
  • Struggling to take in the commotion of a bustling train station during rush hour.
  • Extreme panic when riding a motorcycle that dies mid-intersection.
  • Being asked for directions in cities I've just arrived in.
  • The thrill of an Italian sports car.
  • Enjoying a makeshift sandwich on the edge of a river body.
  • Train misadventures following the showing of a movie.
  • Great conversations had in the early dawn of a parking lot.
  • Sightseeing with strangers-turned-friends.
  • Waking up and looking out on a cricket pitch.
  • Riding a kick scooter in an airport.
  • The smell of a European cafe.
  • Being stranded on an island on account of a storm.
  • Helping a man stuck in his car after an accident call his wife.
  • Bumping into childhood friends on a ski slope.
  • Kayaking the circumference of an island.
  • Learning how to drive in a foreign country.
  • The pleading stare of a silent beggar.
  • Sitting in the cockpit of a commercial airplane during landing.
  • Laughing for hours after unknowingly exchanging identical greeting cards.
  • Feelings of insignificance when stargazing on a beach.
  • Reveling with delight at being the only English-speaker at a party.