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The Easter Bunny Is An Introvert

One of my projects for a high school psychology class was to perform a psychological analysis of a subject and present my findings. Whereas my peers elected to base their projects on popular public figures, I decided to rise above the mundane… My subject was the Easter bunny.

While it might have been expected that my presentation be met with snickers and teasing, it instead encountered a considerable amount of debate. What was supposed to be a five minute speech very soon became a thirty minute discussion. Were someone not familiar with my imaginary subject, they might have mistaken the opinions being voiced to have been a description belonging to a real, if furtive, rabbit. Each of my peers had their own take on the Easter bunny’s persona and none of them were quite willing to abandon it despite admitting to the character’s imaginary existence.

That presentation experience, which did render me an A+ project grade, was a delightful example of a healthy debate. Not one of my peers were ready to abandon their idealized image of a fictional rabbit, yet none of them were in the slightest way offended by their neighbors’ differing views on the matter. And that’s what healthy debate is supposed to be.

Which leads me into a question that I came up with yesterday… what does Superman dream about? If he were to have a dream in which he exists as a normal human being, would he view this as a horrific experience or a refreshing liberation from his supernatural calling?