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I had a conversation with my uncle the other day, in which he encouraged me to shoot in RAW format in order to have more to work with in post-processing. As someone who isn't a professional photographer, I didn't quite buy into the argument, as I really don't put that much into editing pictures after the fact. However, I agreed to give it at least a try to see what the differences were.

Finally, I got a chance to give it a go. Wow. I should have done this a long time ago. The two pictures above were captured from the same camera with the same shutter-press at the exact same time. (My camera allows simultaneous RAW and JPEG recording.) I then threw the pictures through more or less the same post-processing tweaks that I give a lot of my photos to see which one came out looking better. The results speak for themselves... the bothersome halo effect around the little wire decorations on the wall doesn't occur in the RAW image, even when tweaked to the max.

My eyes, in looking at the two images separately, take in the left picture as something of a hyper-realistic painting, while the right-side just looks natural. Guess I'll have to play around with this some more.