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Fond Computer Memories

I find it a bit unusual that I am able to look back on one of my past computers and view it in a good light. Usually I find computers to be quickly outdated things, both from a performance and an aesthetic standpoint, but somehow when I think on my experiences with the Lenovo IdeaPad B570, all I have are pleasant memories that put a smile on my lips. I remember the day that I bought it and the smile on the face of the person who drove me to the store, how picky I was in keeping everything factory-fresh and fast, the surprisingly long-lasting battery, etc.

What prompted this sudden reminiscing? Quite simply: one of my current roommates has the exact computer I used to own. (With the slight exception of a German-layout keyboard, but that's a minor detail.) I miss that computer- for $300, it really was a lot of computer. That's not to say I want to trade in my bargain-of-2012 ThinkPad and go buy that older computer again, but it does mean that I am able to look back on a past purchase with a grin and say aloud, "Good job on that purchase. That was worth it."