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Working With a Tablet

This might just be a somewhat random thought but I feel like using a tablet allows me to be a little less entranced by the internet and more engaged in the world. Note that I don’t say “the world around me” but rather refer to the world as a whole. This is because the world as viewed from afar, through the web, and the immediate world, the environment in which one finds themselves, are both taken in equal moderation.

Busting out a laptop at a bar is the equivalent of erecting a wall in front of one’s self. If one wishes to simply set their computer aside and work on something, a drawing perhaps, it’s impossible to remove the wall without essentially closing one’s connection to the extended world. Everyone knows this- shutting a notebook’s display causes any functionality that the device had to no longer be accessible. One must allow the computer to exist in its usable state if one wishes to not close their connection to the rest of the world and, as a result, they allow a physical barrier to separate them from their environment.

Take a tablet and, much due to the nature of the device, this segregation between the user and their closest reality never occurs. A tablet can be used while it is lying totally flat upon a work surface and never creates an obstruction between the user and their world. Should one wish to focus on their drawing again, they simply place the tablet to the side and carry on with their work unobstructed. There is no physical keyboard and thus items can be placed on top of the tablet to regain work space, and once again the “wall” never comes into existence.

Of course, a tablet can and many times is used in a manner that emulates a laptop-style computer, but once a tablet is reduced to its minimum functioning state it remains a usable slate. A laptop, on the other hand, must be used in it’s one usable state in order to offer any functionality at all. It’s because of this crucial difference that I’ve begun to love working with a tablet. Despite the fact that these digital slates essentially offer an always-on internet connection regardless of their current location, be it under a book or gripped firmly in one’s hands, I feel like tablets allow me to work more efficiently.

But who knows. Maybe those are just my thoughts.