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Got a Lumia 920 Today! ...oh, wait.

(All pictures in this post were taken exclusively with a Lumia 710, and then edited for color conditions and exposure post-capture.)

A few days prior to the public announcement of the Lumia 920 and the Lumia 820, Katie and the Nokia Connects crew told me to bookmark a website for the official unveil. They also asked for my address so that they could send me "something exciting." I happily complied with both requests... the last time they'd asked me to stay tuned, they sent me a dozen pairs of 3D glasses, a shirt (which now belongs to a friend of mine), a re-usable shopping bag and some cool swag. All of these things served their original purposes (a 3D unveil of new Nokia products) in addition to becoming instant hits in class, at parties and other miscellaneous occasions.

The announcement event for the new WP8 Lumias came, and I had yet to receive anything in the mail related to Nokia. I figured something must have happened that had resulted in the cancellation of whatever blogger-relations they had been planning. Well, today our office was visited by a man with a rather oddly shaped DHL parcel under his arm...
The package was quickly passed over to my desk, where I opened it half to satiate my own curiosity and half because of the eyes of my coworkers which were still firmly affixed on my package. As the bubble-wrap slid away, my eyes lit up when I read Nokia Lumia 920 etched onto what I quickly recognized as being the lid to a very fancy box. My heart began to race. Was I holding a Lumia 920 in my hands? I popped open the lid and saw an unmistakable yellow curve. Adrenaline beginning to trickle into my bloodstream, I quickly grabbed it- oh. It's just the yellow polycarbonate body of a 920. And what's that under that card? The camera module from a 920? And a magnifying glass? And what's that there... a piece of Gorilla Glass? ...what is all of this?

Once I'd finally calmed down, I realized that the cards (which had fallen out of place in shipment) actually made it clear what I was looking at. I replaced them where they went and opened the whole package properly. Aha! What I was looking at was a package that highlighted just a few of the just-announced Lumia 920's greatest features. Evening is neatly and safely packaged and neatly presented. Props... I mean, the last time I got a package from Nokia that was designed to impress, it was a rather large suitcase containing a Nokia E75, with most of the suitcase's pieces inside actually able to rattle about. (Perhaps accurately reflecting the E75's slider design.)

What we've got here, on the other hand, is what feels like the same type of kit that would be presented to members of the in-house Design department as an end-of-project gift. Beginning on the left, there's the 8MP PureView camera sensor and a magnifying glass. I don't really know enough about how optics work, especially at this smaller scale, to make much of a statement about the imaging sensor unit itself. I can say, however, that the unit as a whole strikes me as being surprisingly large... much larger than the unit found inside of any iPhone I've ever taken apart, for comparison. Probably due to the OIS. The lens doesn't look to be the largest, but it seems like every blog that has managed to get time to test the camera has come away impressed so I assume that I simply don't know enough here.

In the middle is, of course, the polycarbonate shell. It's a shame that the little Nokia name insert wasn't installed here... I would have loved to have wandered about the street, pretending that I was using a Lumia 920 just to see the reactions of other pedestrians. (Especially since some phones manage to fit so well inside of the 920 hull!) It's amazing how light this housing really is. Truth be told, I wish that the matte finish that was a quintessential part of the N9, Lumia 800 and 900 was here again, but the glossy yellow doesn't actually look as bad in person as I'd expected. And it actually seems to be quite grippy, which is something that can't really be said about the matte finish.

Lastly, what's on the right-hand side? A sample of Corning Gorilla Glass. It's an admittedly lackluster display of the tech and it would have been cool to have a two-part demo piece with normal, scratch-prone glass for comparison. But it is a big piece of glass that can be scratched at and, as you'd expect, doesn't actually scratch. Neat.

So despite not actually receiving a Nokia Lumia 920... I've now got this cool box full of many of the 920's party-pieces. As someone who actually enjoys buying a somewhat beat-up phone and restoring it to nearly-new condition with new parts and pieces, these little components actually brought a smile to my face for quite a while. In addition to fueling my appetite for a chance to actually play with- or more likely buy- a Lumia 920.

Lastly, for your viewing enjoyment, I present you with this picture: a white Samsung Galaxy S II i9100, fitting perfectly into the glass cut-out on the 920 polycarbonate housing. A coworker of mine wanted to do a size comparison, and then the 'Droid powered device sort of just slipped in. Rather odd.

And lastly, let's see the backside of that housing, shall we? I'm not sure what's up with the weird light reflections seen here... They must have been my coworker's fingerprints, as those marks don't show up anymore.