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Lumia 710 Low-Light Photography Success

As the countdown till my move to Hamburg nears its end, I have decided to get out and explore the city I've lived in almost my entire life but never truly taken the time to appreciate. Many of Portland's jewels are locked behind an age-regulated barrier of twenty-one for reasons I cannot exactly fathom, as proved by yesterdays locals. First up was Ground Kontrol, a barcade of sorts which featured an extensive and impressive collection of pinball machines and classic arcade games in addition to dozens of more modern games. However it wasn't the games which caught my attention so much as it was the illuminated tables that were scattered around the venue. Were it not for friends of mine who were there prior to my arrival, we wouldn't have secured one for our own use, and that would have made me more upset. (I was already upset to have no truly decent camera to use.)

It took me a while to debate with myself whether or not attempting some photography with my phone was worth it, but I'm sure glad I gave it an attempt. The above picture is the best result I got in terms of both composition and image quality. The subject is a friend of mine who never fails to strike a different pose every time she is photographed. Meanwhile, it is remarkable how clean the image itself is, having gone through absolutely no processing (apart from some likely compression during the email-based transfer to my computer). It's a great result from a Nokia Lumia 710.

For comparison, this second picture (featuring me making a face once I had noticed I was being counter-photographed) is taken from a Samsung Galaxy S that another friend (not the first subject) had. Notice the lack of sharpness and detail as well as the seemingly overblown light coming out of the table on my arms. It really doesn't even come close to the quality of the first picture whatsoever. It could have been a small fault of the photographer's doing, as I personally owned a Galaxy S in the past and know that its camera is not always the easiest to deal with.

The end story is, I wanted to capture a great photographic opportunity and my Lumia didn't disappoint. That's always nice rejustification for a device I know pales compared to much more advanced devices offered by Apple and the Android crowd. A device which I keep thinking I need to upgrade from but somehow can't let go of. I'm kind of stuck with it for a while it seems like. Oh well, I don't really mind.