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Windows Phone Bliss

(Picture taken with a "jelly" stick-on wide-angle lens from my new Nokia Lumia 710.)

This is going to sound strange, but I'm in a new honeymoon stage with Windows Phone 7. I'm pretty sure I once wrote about this back when I first picked up the Dell Venue Pro... a great phone that was sadly equipped with too small of a battery. It felt like the phone I wanted to use, but one that was more of a precursor till it either got an update enabling WiFi calling or somehow had a longer lasting battery. I also was rather bummed by the lack of my favorite Nokia apps, namely Nokia Drive (previously Ovi Maps). There were "ways" in which one could sideload the app onto non-Nokia devices, but I couldn't have been less bothered to actually figure them out. I got a good offer on my Dell Venue Pro and sold it for profit, just like I do (most) of my cell phones.

In the meantime I returned quite happily to my T-Mobile branded Android phone. Everything worked, so why shouldn't I?
However I felt like I was missing a bit of the rock-solid design and piece-of-mind in terms of reliability that one gets when they own a Nokia. So I snapped up a Nokia Astound, a T-Mobile badged C7. It had WiFi calling but it ran Symbian. Boy, after having used Windows Phone 7, this was a big step backwards. I kept it, however, because I'd bought it for mere pocket change and I was entertained by the standby-screen clock, a real treat on the AMOLED display. It served as a great MP3 player, with the built-in FM-transmitter, and was a great running tool and MP3 player.

But when I found out I could trade my Android for a Nokia 710, which I'd last used back in January, I didn't hesitate. The $50 on top of the deal only made me confident in my decision. Was WiFi calling worth more than the $50 to me? Not really. Once I'd gotten the 710 things just felt right. Gone was the only potential fault of the Dell Venue Pro, the slider mechanism, and in its place I had acquired Nokia build quality, Nokia apps, and much battery life. I no longer felt a desire to keep the C7 around as a backup phone; away it went, sold for profit. I feel almost naked now, having only the Nokia 710 to use. True, I have an Atrix with a burnt-out backlight, but I only own that for the laptop dock anyway.

I feel happy. Free. For the first time in a while, I'm happy. I am actually glad to pull my phone out of my pocket and use it, because I know it won't try and outsmart me or drag me down when it begins to stutter. For the first time since I've ever had a smartphone, I'm actually using security on the lockscreen, because it works quickly and easily without requiring two hands with extreme dexterity.  The phone is light, rugged and slips into my pocket easily. The camera, despite being a mere 5-megapixels, has better color reproduction than the 8MP unit on the phone I traded, my much-beloved HTC Sensation 4G. But I didn't need that phone, really. I'm so much happier now.

And what do I do from this point? I feel like I should spread the word... the question is how. I have already found that simply setting my phone down on a table whilst out with friends and flipping through apps and screens is enough to generate a considerable amount of interest in what exactly I'm using. I need to get the word out. I feel this urge to show my friends and family what they're missing out on. I suddenly feel bad for recommending an Android handset to my mother the last time we signed our wireless contracts. My father is considering an iPhone for work and for me this is a red-flag that I want to fix. I've asked Nokia to send him a WP7 phone for him, knowing he'll be sold instantly. I must tell everybody!


  1. Nice and subtle. I love my windows phone. I just can't wait to see what Apollo has to offer :)

    May be we should form a forum to highlight and discuss the most useful/latest/best WP apps. I already have a mobile tech blog, Ubiquitense. You can google it :)

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