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Loaded Belle Onto My Nokia Astound

Boo on you, T-Mobile and/or Nokia, for deciding to snub the Nokia Astound. It deserved the Belle update just as much as any other handset, and here to continue to drive this point home is me. I admittedly got this Astound for a steal, fixed the SIM slot that the previous owner had broken, so I don't have many of the qualms that other have who may have picked one of these up on a contract or paid a premium up-front to own it outright, but whatever the hold-up is on getting Belle to the Astound, it needs to be sorted out, and quick. And here are the reasons why:

  1. Belle is a modern phone operating system. It may not be as complex or snappy on this hardware compared to most modern smartphones, but it does its job and it doesn't mess it up. Almost anybody, phone veteran or newbie, could in theory pick this phone up and run with it. Granted it is still outdone by Windows Phone 7, but I think that's a point that has already been made clear, so if that's your motive, to drive sales of the Lumia 710, I've no idea why you are beating a dead horse.
  2. The exclusion of Belle from the Astound is only going to make your future worse. I am looking more at T-Mobile on this one. Imagine how many people are going to learn about how to flash their firmware and love the de-branding as a result. This will hurt T-Mobile and will result in a lot more complaints by Nokia enthusiasts who wish to know why product code XYZ got update ABC sooner than product code ZYX. Bad rep for everybody.
  3. WiFi calling is a feature people use. I use it all the time. The lack of WiFi calling on the unofficial Belle update was the only thing holding me back. Visual Voicemail I could walk away from in a heartbeat. But it would be nice to see WiFi calling be released as an add-on app for Belle, if not baked into a T-Mobile tailored Belle.
  4. To continue the above point, the modding community would gladly figure it out for you. Give your tools and info over to some community members and you'll be surprised how quickly a solution will be created, at no cost to you. Don't say, "It is too difficult / expensive, so you do it," but instead try, "We don't have the time or resources at the moment, however we understand your concern and would be happy to give you what we have and some tips if you need them." Good PR, that.
Understand, you two? It's bad enough that this product was essentially released dead in the water already. I understand; WP7 is going to be great and I can't wait to jump on that bandwagon. But for some of us, there are reasons why the Astound / C7 is still great. Radio Transmitter. AMOLED display at a bargain. Memory card. Skype. Unique design. Am I asking too much?