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Jelly Wide-Angle Lens Review

While bored on eBay, as I am wont to do, I remembered my annoyance at how narrow of a view the camera(s) on my computer and phone(s) have. I looked for one of these little "Jelly" stick-on lenses, of which there are dozens of varieties which give one's pictures all sorts of visual effects. By far the most common of these lenses is the wide-angle / "fisheye" lens, which is what I was after. Since it cost me a whopping $1.14 shipped to my door, I figured it would do the trick.

After a long shipping wait (it came all the way from Hong Kong), I excitedly ripped apart the packaging and immediately attached the lens to my computer's webcam. While not a fisheye by any stretch, it definitely does improve the viewing ability of the webcam and my phones. This is probably what this little lens will spend most of its time doing... I have very little use for a novelty lens on my phone for out-and-about (having no high-quality Nokia Carl-Zeiss unit is the main reason for my disdain of cell-phone photography), but when calling friends and family on Skype it is extremely useful to be able to fit more of myself (and anyone else in my room) into the video feed. I don't have to adjust the camera about as much this way.

Here's the little guy attached to the front of my HTC Sensation 4G from T-Mobile:

Downsides? Well, the little jelly adhesive bit is very gooey, though it doesn't leave any residue. It likes to sometimes stay attached to my computer / phone more so than it does to the lens itself, so I have to watch for that. The image is a bit odd looking, naturally, since everything is distorted especially towards the edge. Certain cameras seem to distort more than others, I think it all depends on the distance between the image sensor and the jelly lens itself.

Other than that.... for under two bucks, I'm quite pleased.