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Rapid Prototyping - AMOLED Clock

After having purchased a Nokia C7 that, quite frankly, wasn't good for a whole lot but which I couldn't pass up on regardless (it has a broken although repairable SIM slot), I decided to capitalize on the battery-saving advantages of AMOLED, set the C7 to display a clock as a screensaver and built a stand for the phone to turn it into a sort of makeshift clock.

Everything concerning the setup of the phone was quite easy, but building a stand took a bit more effort. Because the C7 is a lot more rounded than the rest of my phones, this served to be a bit more difficult. Small, sturdy and minimalistic is a design principle I like to follow, but as you can see in the photos below, I had to abandon all but "sturdy" in the final product.

The first stand proved to be far too little support and sometimes even a gust of air was all it would take to send the phone toppling. The second stand wasn't large enough to hold the stand in a vertical manner and because the orientation of the phone's standby-mode clock cannot be modified, this stand was deemed useless. I then threw most everything to the wind and built one of the most simple stands that could possibly be imagined, which of course worked. The following is a general picture sequence of the building process, which took place over about an hour.