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Lenovo B575 First Thoughts

As promised, a full review of this laptop is in the works, but as of right now I have other things that need to be given my full attention and as a result, the best I can offer is a bunch of my first thoughts, given as a list. The list approach is one I'm taking more so for my own benefit, to avoid rambling, as opposed to a new writing style.

  1. The laptop isn't quite as thin as what I'd first imagined. Not as thick as other PC-manufacturer's machines, but still not super thin.
  2. It'd be nice if the wrist-platform (below the keyboard) had a bit of a downward taper towards the front edge of the laptop.
  3. Rats. This screen still exhibits color distortion when viewed from different angles, much like my HP dv6 had. Not noticeable when web browsing or writing documents, but movies are hindered badly.
  4. Disk-drive button is easily pressed. Requires a light touch. Occasionally pops open with a mere brush.
  5. Keyboard is amazing! Definitely better than HP's chiclet keyboard, slightly more comfortable (albeit with more flex) than Apple's chiclet boards and perhaps not quite as good as the chiclet style employed by the newer Lenovo Thinkpads.
  6. Speaker grills looked funny at first. They're growing on me. At least they don't interrupt the design trends very much.
  7. Power button looks classy.
  8. The little button next to the power button has a logo that I don't understand. I think it restarts the computer. Not sure. So I haven't pressed it yet.
  9. Fingerprint reader seems a bit too small. But it does work.
  10. Trackpad is nice. Having separate clicker buttons is a big plus in my book. I disabled all multitouch gestures but left the scroll bar enabled. Apple still beats the pants off of this, though.
  11. Only used the numpad once, and found the shrunk zero-key a bit awkward, as I predicted I might. Still, it was surprisingly useful.
  12. Very happy with the separation of ports. There's a USB on the front-left side, back-right side and front-right side. Granted this might make the computer become busy aesthetically, but seeing how I have very little to plug in at this point, I'm happy.
  13. USB-power seems quite strong. My USB drive normally takes two USB ports to have enough power to work, but one of the plugs fell off long ago. Seeing how that extra plug had too little of cord to work with this computer, I was happy to see that the drive worked flawlessly without disconnecting once from the Lenovo.
  14. HDMI. Not tested yet, but enough said. Harder to find in a laptop of this price range. Almost bought a $340 netbook soley because it had this feature when I realized this laptop has HDMI and better specs for $40 cheaper. Note-to-self: always examine all angles of a situation.
  15. Microphone placement is a bit odd. It's built into the wrist-deck, below the keyboard, left of the trackpad.
  16. The lid is clean. I like that. No silly illuminating logos. Wish the Lenovo log was a shiny black as opposed to the shiny chrome, though...
  17. Ethernet is on the right-side of the computer. Not so much a problem except that the Ethernet chord at work is located towards my left and not long enough to reach the port. I suppose it's okay, since I can use WiFi anyways.
  18. Physical WiFi switch is much appreciated.
  19. SD Card Reader has a little dummy card to prevent foreign objects from being inserted. Probably a good thing.
  20. Not that slow! I'll compute a Windows Experience Score for my review later on, but as of now I can tell you that after giving the computer some time to turn on, shutting off the unnecessary services, installing (or disabling, in my case) the updates and then allowing the computer to compute whatever it's still processing for the first time till the hard-drive activity light goes out, the computer is more than capable of multitasking like any other computer I've ever used. It's super speedy, graphics aren't half bad, I'm quite impressed, really.


  1. Thank you for your opinion. I am looking forward to buying this one, so rewiew gave me more information about pluses and minuses of this laptop.


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