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I won't hide it: I'm a big fan of AMOLED tech. When first introduced to the technology I was blown away by the super-vibrant and bright illumination it provided, even though this initial encounter involved a very small monochromatic display. Fast forward a bit and I was happily brandishing a Nokia N85 sent to me for review by Nokia that I decided to employ as my camera of choice whilst away on a family vacation to Mexico. Suddenly surrounded by bright sunlight, I couldn't quite understand why I was unable to read anything off of the display, let alone tell if the display itself was even turned on.

Two N86's, an N8, a E9 and two Galaxy S's later and I remain just as amazed by AMOLED technology whilst the only qualm I once had has been remedied by the use of polarized filters to enable this high tech wonder to function just as well as its LCD counterpart in the sun. Sometimes, I'd even say better. I now am in possession of two AMOLED-equipped devices: a Nokia C7 (still pending repair) and a Dell Venue Pro. The latter I have not been able to satisfactorily test in direct sunlight but from what I've read, it doesn't feature any light filter whatsoever and should therefore, quite unfortunately, flounder whenever a stray sunbeam should find itself dancing across its curved facade.

Meanwhile my carrier-issued Sensation 4G, with its Super LCD display (whatever that really means), literally begins to pale in comparison. Just see for yourself.