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iPhone 4 LCD / Digitizer Repair Experience

Last week I was asked by another employee of my workplace if I was the guy she'd heard about who is good with phones. Somehow, word of my refurbishment of an iPhone 3G had spread around the building and so when she was lamenting to someone about how she wishes there was a way to repair the cracked glass on her iPhone 4, my name came up. She sought me out, I took a look at it and what the repair would entail, made a suggestion of which product to order as a replacement and then she ordered the necessary piece.

Earlier this week she sent me word that she'd received the piece and wanted to know when she could drop by with her phone and get it fixed. We settled on Friday (today). She dropped off her phone, left for a couple of hours and then I busted her phone over for the repair.

I had asked if she wouldn't mind spending the extra couple of dollars and purchasing a pre-joined Digitizer+Frame+LCD unit to make the repair faster (and a lot more tidy), and she was happy to do so. I still had to take apart most of the iPhone to make it happen, but I managed to pull off the swap without much fanfare. The only modification I had to make was adding a tiny bit of tape to hold on the earpiece grill, since most of the original adhesive stuck to the original digitizer back and thus was not transferrable.

The picture(s) above and below aren't for instructive purposes, but rather a sort of glorification of the process. All photos are unedited. Enjoy.