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Headed to CES 2012! + Moto LapDock Intentions

It is official: I am headed to CES 2012 on the invitation of Nokia Connects! (Formerly known as WOMWorld Nokia.) I woke up yesterday to the delightful surprise of an email from Katie, one of the most important members of that PR crew, asking if I wouldn't be interested in attending the fair along with some special Nokia activities. To say I was excited would be an understatement: the prospect of meeting the people that have made my blogging possible is only the tip of the iceberg on this one. Who knows who I might meet, what products I'll get to lay my hands on and memories I will walk away with.

Unfortunately, the fair is timed squarely with the first week of classes at my university following the winter holiday. That's the only foreseeable downside to this experience. On the plus side, the first week of a term hardly ever consists of anything important so I shouldn't be shooting myself in the foot just yet.

Since it was released to the world just about this time one year ago at CES 2011 and therefore is quite timely, I think it's time to show off a new toy I picked up the other day....

The Motorola Atrix 4G! (The "4G" moniker might be a bit misplaced given the true specifications that 4G is supposed to refer to, but that's not my concern right now.) I had picked up a couple of Laptop Docks a few weeks ago for a very lowly price when AT&T was attempting to clear them out to make room for, in my assumption anyway, the newer Laptop Docks that Motorola has since released for their newer handsets. I sold one of them at what one might call a criminal mark-up but others who knew not what I actually paid for them would have considered my asking price to have been a steal compared to list price.

Problem was: I didn't yet have an Atrix to use. That problem has since been solved. I managed to find a water-damaged Atrix which had a burnt-out backlight but was otherwise in perfect condition, snapped it up a bit below the bargain asking price (never hurts to bargain!), and unlocked it, just-in-case. I have yet to root, overclock or install a custom ROM onto the phone because all I wanted was the webtop environment, and that works just fine.

The logic here is that I now have a reasonably capable netbook with killer design, great nerd-credibility and got it all for only the cash in my pocket (not much). One day I might replace the LCD in the Atrix, but for now I'm more than content keeping it securely docked into this amazing peripheral.

You might be asking yourself now: why am I talking about the same post that I mentioned my CES 2012 excitement? Because this is going to be my computing device for the trip. As a self-proclaimed "phone person" I see it only fitting that I should make the entire trip without a true computer, relying instead entirely on the capabilities of today's modern smartphones. My computer can do twice as much, this is true, but I don't need that type of computing power for this type of a trip. Portability has always been a keen interest of mine, and now that I have the capability to make this trip as light as possible I'm going to utilize it.

CES 2012. This is going to be great.