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Cardboard for a Stand

Above one can see the major fault of tablet computers- they're honestly quite awkward for doing real work when one is sitting and attempting to type. Either a stand or cradle/dock is required and that makes the idea of a simple tablet into something more complicated than the netbook or laptop it replaces. My solution to this situation was going to take one of two routes: purchase a case which doubles as a stand or purchase a dedicated stand. I revised this plan soon after when I found out that most of the cases designed with stand-duties in mind are absolutely pitiful to look at and the stands on offer were either cheap in nature or they falter in practical design execution.

The solution, then, was obvious. I merely had to figure out which route to take: build a stand which is collapsible and possible to take with me on a day-to-day basis?... or should I build a more permanent prop to be left at home where my keyboard for my iPad normall resides anyway. The route I took, at least for the moment, was the latter, and the abve picture stands testament to my efforts. A bit of cardboard, hot glue and elementary knowledge of successful support design was all that was necessary.