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Some Nokia N86 Pictures and Thoughts

 Why did I purchase yet another N86?
 Besides the fact that it's quite purdy....
 Has a great camera...
 Has unique design elements...
Simply because it's a good phone.

If I were to give the N86 a very simple, slightly bizarre and most definitely abbreviated review, this would be it: "The Nokia N86 is a phone. It comes in two colors. When not making phone calls it can do just about anything else you might want it to do, but it's designed for the power-user who doesn't power-use their phone." There are tons of features crammed into this small little phone, many of which are never found in other phones, yet this is undeniably a device which is a phone, with other features added in. Perhaps "feature-phone" fits well here. It's not really a smartphone designed to be connected to "the cloud" 24/7 while constantly harassing one's attention span with beeps announcing Lady Gaga's latest twitter tweet.

That said, I'd happily recommend this phone to almost anyone out there. It requires no complicated setup and, unlike most modern smart phones, it doesn't require all features to be in-play and in-use in order to use it. Rather, you can pick and choose what aspects you want to use on the phone. Just the camera? No problem. Just the phone? Sure, why not. Want to play some games? Okay, we can deal with that. Where the Nokia is not just a feature-phone is that it can do all of those features at once. Not only that, but none of those features require any extra money AND are built-in both hardware- and software-wise from the get-go. Cruising down the Autobahn in a rental car, GPS happily telling me where to go and also warning me of speed limits, FM-Transmitter putting all of my music to the car's stereo, 3G data being shared with my passengers via a WiFi access point and the camera occasionally being used by them to take pictures of our in-car laughs. Been there, done that.