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samsung galaxy s (i9000) unboxing

With a phone design that sort of mocks the iPhone, it would seem like mimicking the packaging was the next logical move to the team at Samsung working on this phone. With a box roughly the same size as the one which each iPhones comes in, I can only draw one of two conclusions... either Apple was onto something with their minimalist packaging or Samsung simply decided to take a page out of the same book and apply it to their own product. In this case, I cannot fault Samsung, as the box itself is actually quite classy. Even the ink used has a weird texture and shimmer to it, which manage to attract inspection. Good job there.

Opening the box, one is greeted to thedevice itself cradled in foam, much similar to the iPhone would be. In fact, since this was my first Android handset, and I was a bit apprehensive about the whole affair, this "familiarity" actually managed to comfort me to a degree. The packaging logic, copied or not, is very high-end in appearance and intuitive. Pull out the phone and a little paper tab is revealed. Pull that, and the foam cradle lifts out, revealing another paper pull-tab. Pull that a little box comes out with it, containing all of the documentation and warranty information. Underneath it is now revealed a tray, containing a microUSB cable, batter, AC adapter and some in-ear headphones, the type with the rubber seal. (Which unfortunately didn't stay in my ears very well at all... oh well, I have headphones I like already.)

Since I was raring to get going, I popped in the battery and got cracking. More on that later.

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