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vaio ux is collecting dust

Yeah, it's true what the title of this post says... this little guy, however cool it may be, is most definitely collecting dust. Why?

Quite simply, because I don't have much of a use for it. Sure, it would serve "just fine" as a day-to-day computer... after all, nobody needs to be doing things at super-fast speeds all the time anyway, but considering I already have a "full" laptop and there's no possible way I can get rid of it, this little guy doesn't even come with me to class ever anymore. Kinda sad, but very true nonetheless. It's time for this guy to make a debut on eBay in the very near future. Don't really care what I can get for it, so long as it's above a hundred bucks so I can cut my losses without feeling remorse.

It was a good time, little guy... sadly I never got to experience what you were capable of once hooked up to a big TV, but I won't shed any tears... software simply was never designed properly for you and, being armed to the teeth with tech, I had to disable a lot of it to be able to actually accomplish much usable on-the-go ability. I'm not sure how Q-Branch in James Bond and the scientists in Stargate Universe manage to deal with you, but I simply must say it now... unless I'm on-the-go all the time, I really don't have a great use for you. I'd be much better off with a high-end Nokia handset to offload my pictures to and from there upload if need be.

Therefore... in light of what needs to be done... I figured I'd make a post celebrating some of the best years I've had with the Vaio UX, even though most of the best events didn't actually involve the device. Senior year, when I first got a VGN-UX380N variant, and was struggling to figure out how to deal with Vista's bloatiness. The visit to Arizona State University and later to Barcelona. The trade for the Nokia N82, my first true smartphone and one of the best cameras I've ever owned. The trade of the N82 for a Nokia E90, a device which still tugs at my heart but which I must avoid due to it being severely outdated at this point. The trade of the E90 for a special black N82, which was then turned into an HP Mini-Note 2133 Netbook, which then turned quite happily into a Nikon D40 which I have kept ever since. Then last Summer, when I picked up the VGN-UX180P which I currently hold, and which has accompanied me here to Germany. It's been a good run... but I think the next time I invest in a portable computer, I'll make sure usability is at a 100% level.