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ip4 vs n86 camera

This isn't really an in-depth look at the two, but more of a general look at colors and lenses. The wider of the two is, of course, the N86 which is equipped with a wide-angle lens. Bizarrely, it has a green tint focused mostly on the bottom-left of the frame, which is quite annoying. The ip4 on the other hand has a tint more smack-dead center, although to a lesser degree. (The light reflection off the table does have a certain amount of tint for anybody who cares to notice.) I'm thinking I may get one of those gimmicky stick-on wide-angle lenses for my ip4, mostly because it is a lens I've always found desirable even in the real of dedicated cameras. Since the n86 is soon about to get the boot, it will be nice to have similarly large amount of photographable capabilities. |--| With regards to current cell phone trends... I feel pretty much just as uninspired by Nokia's current offerings as I once did. If they need some advice, this is it: remake the N82. Throw in a some super-fast CPU, more memory, maybe optical zoom (not important, I'd rather have a big CCD if that's an option instead), and make the thing rugged and solid as hell. Then thin it out, if they want to, but don't sacrifice battery life. Seeing the N8, I don't think Nokia would have to work all that hard. And seeing their submersible and ultra-rugged candybar S40-running handset, I know they have the capabilities to do all of this. Please, Nokia, build me that! Nobody will fault you for the "limited" 5MP sensor (which would have GREAT sensitivity at a larger size), or even lack of HD recording. Don't flaunt it as a flagship, that's a waste of marketing. Just let its reputation and fans do the talking for you, and appropriately adjust the premium price to be more accessible. I'd buy that in a heartbeat.