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thoughts on the iphone 4 thus far

Although I wish I could say I've completed a review of the iPhone 4, I regretfully have not nor do I have one in the works. I've realized that the iPhone 4 is actually especially difficult to review, for a variety of reasons. First off, what the iPhone has become is little more than a shell. It is a slab of materials with a very well thought out yet almost entirely unobtrusive operating system. In short it is nothing much until a consumer fills it with elements of their life (aka. apps that they find useful).

The new iPhone, the 4, has proven itself to be worthy of my acquisition. I always was a fan of the Apple display, and liked the return to aluminum construction. The new camera, however, is what is currently the best thing ever for me. It's astounding how Apple has managed to create such a perfect performing camera where Nokia constantly flops even with Carl Zeiss optics. In fact, Nokia may be one of the biggest exceptions to the generally held belief that optics are what make a good camera. The built-in iSight cameras on Mac computers have always been great, so in a way I wonder why I'm so surprised that both cameras on the iPhone 4 are so amazing.

Of course, I've missed the web browser, messaging, email, and music. But I think I'm most impressed by the hardware on the iPhone 4 the most at the moment, even though there's an antenna problem. (Supposedly.)