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another ibook on my desk

I have managed to acquire a second Apple iBook G3 clamshell today for the low price of twenty-five dollars. I consider this to be a phenomenally outstanding deal, considering the fact that this computer came with a battery which, reportedly, managed to hold a charge for about five hours. Twenty five dollars is what a nearby non-Apple but Mac-centric store wanted to charge me for a used battery without any guarantee of battery life. So by comparison, I consider the bonus LCD, motherboard, RAM, keyboard and chassis to be quite a stellar find.

As a downside, the newly purchased iBook is regrettably much older than my previously acquired iBook. It has a slightly slower processor, a smaller amount of ram, and an almost pathetically miniscule hard-drive. So while I did load Mac OS 10.3.9 onto it, the spare ~1.5GB of space left afterwards just seemed especially pointless. So I transplanted the good battery into the iBook I had owned before, that way I might be able to do something useful with the battery.
I’m still lacking an Airport card, which I’ll need if I want to go wireless, but as-is I am still congratulating myself on the bargain computers to which I have managed to find. Who knows, I may acquire yet another cheap system soley for the airport card which I so desparately desire. (Not really desparate, but we’re pretending here.) I may turn the unused but very much refreshed (after me) systems into a few easy bucks on Craigslist or I may convert them into picture-frames or car computers. Or perhaps even stereo systems: that one has struck my fancy only just recently. Of course, I first need to purchase a speaker system of some sort, but I can’t imagine that being too hard.

This post is being typed upon my newly wireless iBook, and I am pleased to brag that the built-in timer for the battery is stating a four-hours and sixteen-minute sustenance. That isn’t quite five hours but I honestly couldn’t be bothered by that as it still outlasts my netbook which is supposed to, in theory, outlast most full-size laptops. But enough on that, I have nothing new to report at the moment, back to hacking.