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nokia e72 review


Ever since the E72 was announced, I was excitedly awaiting its release. It was built upon the same platform I originally liked, the E61/E62, and was the direct sucessor to what is probably my favorite Nokia of all time: the E71. Everything that made the E71 such a stunning handset was kept, and only the features which I remember being most commonly asked for were added. What was therefore created was the most complete and flawless messaging phone ever. Sure, it lacked certain multimedia features and didn't have a fancy touchscreen display: it was never supposed to. It was designed to get work done, and is such a capable handset that if presented with the option between one and a run-of-the-mill netbook, I might pick the E71 based soley on what I know it can accomplish, even though the netbook might be able to do more.

Of course, this description is very dependant on the impression the E71 left me with. Having never managed to obtain an E72 until just recently, hot on the heels of the announcement of the new Nokia E5, my view of the device took on a slightly more critical angle. On the one hand, I'd been dealing without my E71 for a few months, and had in the meantime been messing with an E75 which I viewed to be superior hardware with an inferior physical-interface-design. Then there's the E5, which looks to bulbousy to me but also doesn't look quite as complicated as the E72 (simplicity, coming from Nokia, (usually) tends to be a good thing). I've also managed to land myself an N97 which, while featuring a dreaded touchscreen (I rather like buttons), manages to combine an N-Series device with a full QWERTY keypad quite nicely once the initial learning curve is overcome.

In short, the E72 faces a lot of stiff competition both currently and from future yet-unavailable devices. This will therefore be a review I shall struggle to write, as it attempt to occupy a place in my heart vacated by my E71 which has, in its absence, become a little more demanding. Temporarily residing in a stable which is permanently occupied by an N97, N86, and N85, it is now time to dig into the review and see what we have here.


Much like the last review, I decided this is a section perhaps best left with few words but  instead many pictures.

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The E72 leaves little to be desired. As such, there's very little to write about. So, try watching my video review instead:


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